Sonntag, 29. März 2009

Stromverhaeltnis und Spannungsverhaeltnis

Relationship of current and potential difference. Complicating the simple. But sometimes it serves as a purpose to simplify the complicated. It's a love-hate relationship.

Everytime I stare at my scriblings to understand what is thought in class, I tend to think about other stuff that are some-what related.

I learn that people can be suicidal. I also learn that people can also be temporarily suicidal. That is interesting isn't it?

Unfortunately that isn't one of those things that are some-what related to what I learn in class.

The material that are thought in class are simple. The method used to teach in class is also very effective. The hard part of this learning process is the inability to restart all over again.

According to this professor of mine, the learning process ends when the student is able to do that thing which is being thought, not just to understand it.

That, is actually very philosophically confusing. One can easily replicate a process without understanding the science and mechanism behind it. One can also easily replicate the act of understanding the science behind it without really understanding the science behind it.

That actually brings me to this some-what not related point;
How do I know whether I understand or misunderstand?

It is easy to detect the abscence of understanding. But to detect the presence of understanding is a difficult manner. This is due to the often occurence of misunderstandings because of the foreign language used.

It is indeed a challenge to the ability of one's mind to differentiate a misunderstanding to an understanding. More confusing is when both, misunderstanding and understanding, lead to the same results.

I'm not going to return to my earlier point which I was explaining earlier before I started writing about misunderstandings. This is simply because I have forgotten what I wanted to write.

After scrolling up, I realized that the title of this writing is "Stromverhaeltnis und Spannungsverhaeltnis". The title has certainly little or nothing to do with the content of this writing. Interesting.

Pure Arrogance

I am a student somewhere in Germany, studying some sort of engineering.

Pure arrogance. That's what got me starting to write this piece. I am a very arrogant person. Arrogance comes from confidence and confidence comes for certainty.

I was definitely certain of something. Was definitely. Not anymore. Now, that certainty is slowly tuned down, so is the confidence. But the arrogance is still there.

That's the cool part.

I am writing this to share my experience. And sometimes I feel lonely and there is nobody to really listen to me rambling about all this nonsense I have in my head.

By doing this, I get to pretend that I am reading a piece of writing written by someone else and pretend to not know what the content of the writing is and pretend to sympathize.

The funny thing is all this acting and hypocricy happens in my small imaginary mind-playground in my head.

Another piece of truth; I am scared. I am scared of the future. I am scared of what to come. I am no longer excited with what to come. I am tired of being the outsider.

I used to have this optimism. That wasn't so long ago, really. But yeah, we shall see from here I think. My life right now looks like a movie that drags the part before the main person gets to be happy of himself.

No, I am not sad. I am worried. I am worried about not being able to overcome these obstacles.

What a way to start a blog. Cool.